Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Technology and Innovation in Education

While surfing the internet,we will use these search engines to find the information that we want.You know what,suddenly one question comes to my mind..Is it possible that one or two of these search engines could disappear? OoHoo..I don't think this going to be happened..

When we think of search engine,either google or yahoo are more likely come to our mind.However,there is another search engine called I heard a search engine called in my class which was mentioned by Azureen,one of my course mate,I thought I had to check this one out.It is a strange name but may be could be good.The slogan of this search engine is "The Mother of All Search Engines".I was thinking at that time,what is the meaning of this slogan and why on the earth they could choose that name,"mamma"...quite funny for me..hehehee.. Actually,I never use this search engine before but as a student I'm required to do a lot of research for my assignments.So,I've tried it once..Well,I like the decoration of the site.It is very good and easy to use.Very little advertisement and the results were accurate.Actually what I've found,the results were good but to be frank,no way is this search engine better than or even yahoo for that matter.This is because I have tried searching there and whenever I do a search,I don't end up receiving what I'm looking for.So then,I will go to or google find what I'm looking for.For this reason,I do not really like

The most popular search engines are and I want to find any information,I'll just go to Yahoo and Google.For me,Yahoo and Google are quite different.They have their own markets and audiences.Yahoo is "the one stop shop" for the web.We can get news and sports headlines,meet people,chat,email and even search.Google on the other hand is more to primarily search.We can't chat to anyone on Google but sure we can use Google to search information.This is because Google is the best search market compared to other search engines. These are the differences between Google and Yahoo;

  • Results seem to be biased more toward commerce than informational sites.
  • Yahoo is pretty good at crawling sites deeply so long as they have sufficient link popularity to get all their pages indexed.
  • Still fairly to manipulate using low mid quality links.
  • Has many editorial elements to their search product.

  • If a phrase is obviously targeted,then Google may filter the document out of the search results for that phrase.
  • Google is efficient at crawling that competing engines.
  • Links are trusted highly in Google.
  • Google is known to be far more aggressive with their filters and algorithms than the other search engines.

The last search engines is site provides short reports on topics of prime current interest in education.There are a large variety of topics including teaching,learning,libraries,charter schools,special education,higher education and others.This site is specifically targeted for teachers,administrators,policy makers and other practitioners but generally useful to the broad educational community.Besides that,the full-text ERIC Digest database contains over 3000 Digests with the latest updates being added to this site in July 2005.However,I never use this site before and it is not very familiar with me.For more information,you can go to this URL;

In my opinion and experiences using the search engines to find information and complete my tasks,I think I prefer to use or Google Scholar because they are the best search engines for me.However,all the search engines have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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