Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Family,My Happiness

This is my family

The king in our family..abah..

The queen of the king's heart...;) mama

The only princess of the family...that's me..

The second prince in the family...Nazmi..

The last prince of the family..Fadhil..

p/s~There should be one more prince in our family,Aiman..but then,sorry bro,I couldn't find any of your pictures in my laptop.I'll put your picture later..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Hour For Mother Earth?

"On March 28,2009,switch off your lights for Mother Earth between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. Then,switch on to a new lifestyle where you start caring for,and really being concerned about the planet you call home,and it's well-being".

Last night,I was thinking,should I turn off the light switch for Earth Hour? Well...at first,what came in my mind,it's okay..I told myself..It won't help anyway,I'm just one person.Besides,I have lots of assignments to finish and I can't do that in the dark..Then,I went to the toilet and I was quite surprised when I saw almost all the rooms at my floor,switched off the light..So,I quickly entered my room and told my roommate that we should switch off the light like others did..I was smiling at that time and told myself that I managed to make Earth Hour work for me..During that one hour,my roommate and I was doing nothing and we were just chatting about our Khidmat Masyrakat simulation..About 9.45pm,my roommate switched the light on..and we continued doing our assignment and revision.I think we should do it often next time..and not just during the Earth Hour.

Actually,this year,for the first time in history,people of all ages,nationalities,race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote. By switching off our lights,we have put in a vote for Earth and by leaving them on,we have just voted for Global Warming. And this year,it is Malaysia's first time ever participating in Earth Hour.But,this year's Earth Hour is not just one hour of switching off,it is also for a start to a change of our lifestyle. So,do you vote for our Mother Earth or for the Global Warming?

Leave your comment here..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Post 5 - Concordance

Do you know what is concordance and how we can apply it in our language learning? Actually,before this,I've never heard of this word and don't even know its function..huhu...
A concordance is an alphabetical list of the principal words used in a book or body of work, with their immediate contexts and the original meaning of concordance is a word count of all different words in a text. The more recent meaning of concordance is a collection of examples of the use of a word.

How we can apply the function of the concordance in our language learning?
Concordance is very beneficial in language learning. For example,concordance can explain the word that we choose in different aspects and usages. Besides that,by using concordance,we can understand better on how to use the right word in various context. We also can use concordance as a tool to correct any grammar mistakes in our essays. Furthermore, it is also can improve and enhance our grammar and vocabulary as well.

With Concordance, we can:
  • make indexes and word lists
  • count word frequencies
  • compare different usages of a word
  • analyze keywords
  • find phrases and idioms
  • publish to the web
Concordance is also being used in:
  • Language teaching and learning
  • Data mining and data clean-up
  • Literary and linguistic scholarship
  • Translation and language engineering
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Natural language software development
  • Lexicography
  • Content analysis in many disciplines including accountancy, history, marketing, musicology, politics, geography, and media studies
The Use of concordance for language teachers and language learners:
  • The teacher can use a concordancer to find examples of authentic usage to demonstrate features of vocabulary, typical collocations, a point of grammar or even the structure of a text.

  • The teacher can generate exercises based on examples drawn from a variety of corpora, for example gap-filling exercises and tests.

  • Students can work out rules of grammar or usage and lexical features for themselves by searching for key words in context. Depending on their level, they can be invited to question some of the rules, based on their observation of patterns in authentic language.

  • Students can be more active in their vocabulary learning: depending on their level, they can be invited to discover new meanings, to observe habitual collocations, to relate words to syntax, or to be critical of dictionary entries.

  • Students can be invited to reflect on language use in general, based on their own explorations of a corpus of data, thus turning themselves into budding researchers.

There are two articles about concordance that I've found.

Summary for the first article:

This study discusses the use of a web-based concordancing program using an interface design similar to the one used at the MICASE concordancing site to help students appropriately choose-reporting verbs. Concordancing technology can help the users to construct meanings and usage patterns based on sentences or pieces of discourse collected from published or transcribed texts. Besides that, concordancing programs not only provide a different role for grammar teachers but also different approach for learners. The goal of this project is to provide students with authentic materials that contained localized features specific to their academic fields. Moreover, the researcher also wanted to see whether the students could use the learning object to make choices about the uses of reporting verbs and to correct inappropriately used verbs. The results from the test of the students also indicated that mosst of the students could use the program effectively. As a conclusion, the use of concordancing program helps in teaching of grammar. Besides that,it also had given teachers,researchers and material developers the ability to integrate and develop the materials on teaching grammar.The writer also found that concordancing program can be a great value to the students.Despite the limitations in using concordancing program,the researcher hopes that this technology would help students to make an appropiate choice of reporting verbs.

Summary for the second article:

This is a research paper by TAGUCHI Kaya. In this paper he wants to propose the use of concordance for EFL learners to acquire the English article system. In his research,he compared the two ways of article error correction which are the use of a grammar book and the use of a concordance to see which one is more effective for EFL learners to acquire grammatical structures. The sampels of his research are 20 students majoring in economics at Japanese University and their native language is Japanese. During the first five weeks,the teacher corrects the students' essays by underlining incorrect use of articles. Then,students consult the Grammar Book to see their mistakes. During last five weeks,the students use a concordance to see the incorrect use of articles that underlined by their teacher. As a result,the students find out that by using concordance,they can save their time compared by using the Grammar Book to correct their mistakes. Besides that, by using a concordance,the students are sure that their incorrect use of articles are corrected correctly by the concordance.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Post 4 - A Visit to Perpustakaan Tun Sri Lanang

Hye everbody...This is my fourth posting for Language and ICT course..For this assignment,we were asked to go to the library and find out what is DOA or Dissertation Online and find out the online database that subscribed by Perpustakaan Tun Sri Lanang.I've found some trial online databases subscribed by the library. One of them is IOPscience. IOPscience is a new platform launched by Institute of Physic (IOP) to host all IOP journal contents. IOPscience will allow user to access all journals from 1874 to present day and with more than 50 titles and enrich features.

Perpustakaan Tun Sri Lanang

Besides that,we also were asked to search for EBSCOHost and Lisa Net.These are the online databases that subscribed by the library.

  • EBSCOHost
EBSCHost is one of the online databases that subscribed by Perpustakaan Tun Sri Lanang in order to help students in finding information about any articles that they want.This online database is very useful because rather than spending hours searching by using the search engines like Google or Yahoo,it is more effective to use online database to search for the information.However,what I realized when I tried to use this online database in the library,it is a little bit difficult if we do not search through it specifically.Besides,we also need to be precise to avoid us from getting the wrong information when searching through it.

  • Lisa Net
Lisa Net is also an online database that subscribed by UKM's library.For me,it is also quite difficult to use this online database if we do not know well on how to use it.May be I'm not really familiar with online database,so I feel so difficult to use it.However,through Lisa Net,we can find information through three methods which are Quick Search,Advanced Search and Search Tools.Besides that,this site also provides search tip,technology search areas and data range of the information so that the user can find information easily.

We were also asked to find two articles from any online database and summarize the articles.
  • The first article is "Women and ICT Policy".
Many developing countries are beginning to understand the beneficial role ICTs can have in reducing high poverty rates in both rural and urban areas. Using ICTs to create small and medium enterprises has resulted in numerous Internet caf├ęs, phone shops and community radio stations. However, these small and medium enterprises are largely owned and operated by men.

Women are worst hit by high poverty levels. Access to ICTs provides women with economic empowerment, increased learning opportunities and improved market access for their products. Unfortunately, the majority of women in the developing world have limited access to ICTs, which hinders them from reaping the full benefits.

Focusing efforts into increasing women’s participation in policy, regulatory and advocacy issues is an effective and powerful way to achieve competitive and fair levels in the ICT sector. This has the potential to increase the role of women in community decision making, where they can influence policy issues at any government level. With increased participation, women can then ensure that gender issues are taken into account in ICT resource planning and administration.

Some nations, such as India, have been able to successfully empower the poor (who are mainly women and children) through increased ICT use. As a result of implementing ICTs at all levels of the Indian government, citizens now enjoy increased incomes, enhanced health care, improved education and training, and better access to job opportunities. ICTs have also improved access to government services, enhanced communication both within and without the countries, maximized private sector opportunities, increased agricultural productivity, and improved access to better markets.

In order to fully integrate women in the ICT sector (as both an actor and a decision maker), countries must enact deliberate and measurable strategies. This is particularly important in rural areas, where the majority of women reside. Compared to women in urban areas, women in rural areas take on more leadership roles in family and local governance issues. Using effective ICT rural integration strategies, which target these women leaders, will automatically address poverty alleviation and good governance.

Promoting universal access to telecommunication services – especially for under served populations and regions – is a major goal for government regulatory bodies. Gender must be taken into account when working towards this goal; otherwise, ‘gender-blind’ policies can further exacerbate gender inequality.

Author : Sarah Tisch, Ph.D.Chief-of-Party, dot-GOV

My Summary:

The beneficial role of ICTs can have in reducing high poverty rates in rural and urban areas. ICT can create medium enterprises. However,these small and medium enterprise are usually owned and operated by men. Unfortunately,it is limited for majority of women in the world to access to ICT. Effoerts into increasing women's participation in policy,regulatory and advocacy issues is an effective way to achieve fair levels in the ICT sector and also increased the participation of women. Besides that,it also can ensure that gender issues are taken into account in ICT. In order to integrate women in the ICT sector,countries must make careful and measurable strategies. This is important especially in rural areas where the women's role are reside compared to women in urban areas.What can I understand from this article is the women participation are less in ICT especially in rural areas. So,some actions sholud be taken in order to increase the role of women in ICT.
  • The second article is "Bridging Digital Divide Among Secondary Students".

Advances in information and communication technology have brought many opportunities and also challenges known as digital divide, that is, those who have and those who have not access to the ICTs. There are major barriers in bridging the digital divide. One of the most important is the infrastructure. Infrastructure is required for the real access of ICT. Many other issues are involved in bridging the digital divide. But it is important to recognize that there have been developments, which point towards a positive direction. Moreover, it is our firm belief that any digital divide program which does not take into account the emerging handheld technologies’ capacity to support the development of new distributed childhood risk having no or only partial impact on the youth that they serve. There are new ecologies of childhood learning that people are barely aware of happening at the local level: homes, schools, and community centers. ICT is not properly integrated into the rural areas. High cost of ICT is one of the major factor for this little awareness. Government must provide ICT in the rural scheme on a larger scale. Furthermore, the cost of various ICT components should be reduced to enable the poor students to buy. Computer software should also be in their own mother tongue language so they use it more effectively. No doubt, Government is providing infrastructure for the access of computers and internet in schools but there are lack of other resources like electricity. There should be no unauthorized cuts in the working hours of schools. Power cuts in schools must be pre-announced. In case of power failure, alternative arrangements for 24 hrs power supply facility should be ensured in schools like generator. Students-computer ratio should be minimized. Computer lab should be well maintained, fully equipped with the latest know how and up dated regularly. Only than the students can be fully equipped with computer education by spending more time on computer. No doubt, the hurdles are complex but a systematic approach to bridging the digital gap is possible. There is a need for community leaders, government agencies, policy makers, industry people, community-based program staff, and researchers to look beyond simple access to hardware and software. It is more valuable to address issues of teaching and learning with technology in informal settings located in disadvantaged communities.

Author : Dr Gursharan Singh Kainth and Ms Kamalpreet Kaur

My Summary:

The most important barrier in bridging the digital divide is the infrastructure. For the real access of ICT, we need infrastructure. The government is providing infrastructure for the access of computer and internet in school in the rural areas,but sometimes no electricity
there. Besides that,to encouraged students to use the ICT,computer lab should be well maintained.Lastly,in order to bridging the digital gap among students,all people should play an important role and make a systematic approach to it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Best Friend© Brady

Whenever I'm down
I call on you my friend
A helping hand you lend
In my time of need
So, I'm calling you now
Just to make it good
What else can I do
For you hear my plea
Friends may come and friends may go
But you should know
That I've got your back
It's automatic
So never hesitate to call
Cause I'm your sister
And always for you
In love
Whenever I'm down
With all that's going on
Is really going on
Just one of those days
And you
Say the right things
To keep me moving on
To keep me going strong
What else can I say?
Friends are there through thick and thin...

This song is dedicated to my beloved sis n friend,Ateh-'the girl in that picture'...=)

Why do I love LIFE...?

Actually I should post something for my Language and ICT course,but I still have no idea about it..huhu..Hurrmmm...For this moment,I just wanna write words from my heart about life..I love life when I have forgiven everyone around me.I know it's hard to do so especially when you get hurt from someone who do you think they shouldn't do that to you..maybe that person could be your best friend,or your loved one..Somehow,by forgiving someone,you will feel like..hurmm..how to describe in words ya..?ermm..relief maybe..or peace..People also said that what's done is done and all is forgive and forget. and why let something that happened in the past ruin what happiness you could have in the future?That's true...but right now,I don't know why on the earth I should forgive him who had messed up my life..I'm still looking for some reasons why I have to forgive someone who never ever apologize to me..Huh!!Maybe someday I will forgive him because I do love life when I have forgiven everyone around me..
Why do I love life..?Because life is love..=)Is it?Yes!!Life is love..I figure we are all lovers deep down inside.What that means is,we are all looking to give or to get love depending on the circumstances of our present lives.Frankly speaking,my best moments in my life are when i feel I have something to give..but,the worst are when I'm not getting what I think I deserve..=P Who are close enough to me will crystal clear about me...I always bear in mind that what we expect is what we get..and let's consider this as a law.Apply this to our life because we have our right of getting what we truly want and need..=) Am I right?

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Post 2 - Blog as an "Online Diary" and How It Improves Writing Skill

A few years ago, when I was a little girl, my teacher at Mrsm Taiping,would often ask us to keep our journals, so that we might be able to improve our writing. These journals were not really specific; they were sorts of diary that we had to write in everyday. Then, we had to submit the journals by the end of the weeks so that my teacher might grade them and correct all my mistakes in my writing. I was sort of lazy then, so I often wrote all my entries on Friday morning, before the class started. Not a good habit right…? Huhu..

But today, I was asked to use blog as my “Online Diary”. My lecturers said that blogging can improve our writing skill. Is it true…? Hmmm…. I do agree with them. I enjoyed writing in the blog rather than what my teacher had asked me to to do before,wrote journals in a book. “Sorry my dear teacher”…Hehe… but I do love it too..However, I think blogging is much more interesting because I can put the pictures of mine, I can add some music in my blog and many more I can do with it besides improving my writing skill. What is blog actually?

Okay, blog is sometimes used as an “Online Diary” where we write about our own experience or share our ideas or experiences. The using of blogs in learning English especially in improving our writing skill is very effective. Blogs are more open to the world to see. This will provide visibility for us to share our ideas with the larger world. Besides that, we can also share our writing with a larger audiences or readers. Blogs also encourage us to write more thoughtfully because before we post our writing in our blogs, we will be more careful and make our writing more concise.

Furthermore,by blogging, we may further develop critical thinking skills because we must carefully evaluate what we read and write, as our words are now available to larger readers around the world. Besides, for me, blogging is not just posting entries, but it also forces us to read other blogs and find some information. But, for certain people like me who were not born to be a writer, sometimes find it is hard to write because we really have nothing to say or have a fear of saying something stupid. However, practice makes perfect, so keep working on it. Continue writing daily and in no time you will notice the improvement! =)

Links related to blogging:

Here are some blogs that I enjoyed to read:
This is a blog for everyone.I've found that this blog is very interesting.There are many stories and information in this blog.For examples,33 facts about guys,best quotes,how friends break up and many more..=) I think,anybody can read this blog during their free time.
I like this blog because it gives lots of information about orchid.Actually,my mum loves orchid so much and sometimes,I have to take care of her orchids.Now,I do love orchid like her as well..=) With all the information on orchid such as the history of orchid,how to grow orchid,growing orchid for the beginners,and lots more from this blog,I hope one day I can plant orchid and have my own Orchid Garden like what my mum has now..=)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Post 1-Reading for Information

Betta Fish Information
Betta Fish are also called Siamese Fighting Fish. The name Betta is pronounced as the Greek letter beta, and because of this, the name is often misspelled in American English, with one t instead of two. The name is unrelated to the Greek letter and originates from the Thai phrase 'ikan bettah'. In Thailand, betta fish are known as pla-kad. Betta Fish live in freshwater. Betta fish are one of the most popular aquarium fish. This is mainly because of their appearance - certainly not because they are easy to keep in an aquarium. Betta Fish originate from the Mekong basin in Southeast Asia.

Betta fish are known to "puff-out" when aggravated. When this happens their gills and fins puff out to appear more impressive. They do it to either intimidate rival males or to impress females during courtship.
One interesting aspect of Betta fish is their extremely well-developed eyesight. Betta fish will swim to the surface when they see your hand over the tank as you feed them.

I’m interested to find some information about Betta fish because I have two Betta fish in my room. I used to call them Bluey and Dora. Bluey is the male one and he is blue in colour while Dora is female and she is red in colour. I don’t really know about Betta fish, that’s why I search the information about this type of fish in order to make my Betta fish in a good condition. Now I know Betta fish are easy to keep compared to another fish. No wonder the owner of the Fish Shop suggested me to buy Betta fish. Besides that, Betta fish are also very beautiful and I love their colours. With all the information that I get from the website, I wish I can take a good care of my Bluey and Dora =)... Here, I also would like to suggest for those who are interested to find or get any information about Betta fish, you can go this website, http;//www.bettafish.com/ . You also can get your own Betta fish in any fish shop.

My Bluey and Dora

Monday, March 02, 2009

I am Me..

I am Me. In the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is all mine, because I alone chose it.I own everything about me,my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself.I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears. I own my successes, all my failures and mistakes.I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other aspects that I do not know,but as long as I am friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and ways to find out more about me..I love myself...