Saturday, March 14, 2009

Best Friend© Brady

Whenever I'm down
I call on you my friend
A helping hand you lend
In my time of need
So, I'm calling you now
Just to make it good
What else can I do
For you hear my plea
Friends may come and friends may go
But you should know
That I've got your back
It's automatic
So never hesitate to call
Cause I'm your sister
And always for you
In love
Whenever I'm down
With all that's going on
Is really going on
Just one of those days
And you
Say the right things
To keep me moving on
To keep me going strong
What else can I say?
Friends are there through thick and thin...

This song is dedicated to my beloved sis n friend,Ateh-'the girl in that picture'...=)


  1. ..My dear sis!!Luv u sO much!!
    ..There's nothing I can say to you,
    ..Nothing I could ever do to make you see,
    ..What you mean to me..('',)
    ..I will be all that you want,
    ..and get myself together
    ..Cause you keep me from falling apart,
    ..All my life,I'll be with you forever,
    ..To get you through the day,
    ..and make everything OK!

  2. hyE Sis!!!=)Miss u..=)sis,feel like it has been ages we haven't see each other..huhu..