Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why do I love LIFE...?
Actually I should post something for my Language and ICT course,but I still have no idea about it..huhu..Hurrmmm...For this moment,I just wanna write words from my heart about life..I love life when I have forgiven everyone around me.I know it's hard to do so especially when you get hurt from someone who do you think they shouldn't do that to you..maybe that person could be your best friend,or your loved one..Somehow,by forgiving someone,you will feel to describe in words ya..?ermm..relief maybe..or peace..People also said that what's done is done and all is forgive and forget. and why let something that happened in the past ruin what happiness you could have in the future?That's true...but right now,I don't know why on the earth I should forgive him who had messed up my life..I'm still looking for some reasons why I have to forgive someone who never ever apologize to me..Huh!!Maybe someday I will forgive him because I do love life when I have forgiven everyone around me..
Why do I love life..?Because life is love..=)Is it?Yes!!Life is love..I figure we are all lovers deep down inside.What that means is,we are all looking to give or to get love depending on the circumstances of our present lives.Frankly speaking,my best moments in my life are when i feel I have something to give..but,the worst are when I'm not getting what I think I deserve..=P Who are close enough to me will crystal clear about me...I always bear in mind that what we expect is what we get..and let's consider this as a law.Apply this to our life because we have our right of getting what we truly want and need..=) Am I right?


  1. hai dyla..=)
    yup, its true to have so but plz bear in mind,
    not all our desires, hopes and needs will come to having full effort, just wish and leave all that to Allah, insyaallah it becomes true in our life...=)

  2. yes, i agree with u...
    forgiving people its not realy easy but after u had do so, it just like a "lepas dari segala bebanan"....
    actually, there's no right words to expres what we feel after forgving person who did the mistakes....=)