Sunday, March 08, 2009

Post 2 - Blog as an "Online Diary" and How It Improves Writing Skill

A few years ago, when I was a little girl, my teacher at Mrsm Taiping,would often ask us to keep our journals, so that we might be able to improve our writing. These journals were not really specific; they were sorts of diary that we had to write in everyday. Then, we had to submit the journals by the end of the weeks so that my teacher might grade them and correct all my mistakes in my writing. I was sort of lazy then, so I often wrote all my entries on Friday morning, before the class started. Not a good habit right…? Huhu..

But today, I was asked to use blog as my “Online Diary”. My lecturers said that blogging can improve our writing skill. Is it true…? Hmmm…. I do agree with them. I enjoyed writing in the blog rather than what my teacher had asked me to to do before,wrote journals in a book. “Sorry my dear teacher”…Hehe… but I do love it too..However, I think blogging is much more interesting because I can put the pictures of mine, I can add some music in my blog and many more I can do with it besides improving my writing skill. What is blog actually?

Okay, blog is sometimes used as an “Online Diary” where we write about our own experience or share our ideas or experiences. The using of blogs in learning English especially in improving our writing skill is very effective. Blogs are more open to the world to see. This will provide visibility for us to share our ideas with the larger world. Besides that, we can also share our writing with a larger audiences or readers. Blogs also encourage us to write more thoughtfully because before we post our writing in our blogs, we will be more careful and make our writing more concise.

Furthermore,by blogging, we may further develop critical thinking skills because we must carefully evaluate what we read and write, as our words are now available to larger readers around the world. Besides, for me, blogging is not just posting entries, but it also forces us to read other blogs and find some information. But, for certain people like me who were not born to be a writer, sometimes find it is hard to write because we really have nothing to say or have a fear of saying something stupid. However, practice makes perfect, so keep working on it. Continue writing daily and in no time you will notice the improvement! =)

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