Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Hour For Mother Earth?

"On March 28,2009,switch off your lights for Mother Earth between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. Then,switch on to a new lifestyle where you start caring for,and really being concerned about the planet you call home,and it's well-being".

Last night,I was thinking,should I turn off the light switch for Earth Hour? first,what came in my mind,it's okay..I told myself..It won't help anyway,I'm just one person.Besides,I have lots of assignments to finish and I can't do that in the dark..Then,I went to the toilet and I was quite surprised when I saw almost all the rooms at my floor,switched off the light..So,I quickly entered my room and told my roommate that we should switch off the light like others did..I was smiling at that time and told myself that I managed to make Earth Hour work for me..During that one hour,my roommate and I was doing nothing and we were just chatting about our Khidmat Masyrakat simulation..About 9.45pm,my roommate switched the light on..and we continued doing our assignment and revision.I think we should do it often next time..and not just during the Earth Hour.

Actually,this year,for the first time in history,people of all ages,nationalities,race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote. By switching off our lights,we have put in a vote for Earth and by leaving them on,we have just voted for Global Warming. And this year,it is Malaysia's first time ever participating in Earth Hour.But,this year's Earth Hour is not just one hour of switching off,it is also for a start to a change of our lifestyle. So,do you vote for our Mother Earth or for the Global Warming?

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  1. heheh.. what take you so long to think and then turn off the light huh dyla?? my dear, my dear... hehe.. it's so easy and it's not a burden.. you just have to turn off for one hour only.. hee.. anyway you finally did right girl?? good for you.. I'm proud of you.. hehe.. by the way i did too You know.. without having to think first.. hehehe.. no fence ya girl.. just kidding=)

  2. haha!!at first,i thought if i didn't turn off the light,it wouldn't give any effect..hehe..but,to show that we are unite,so...i have to forget about my assignment for a while and switch the light off..;)